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October 9, 2022

Making your brand a beacon in the storm ahead

Hear from our friends at 21st Century Brand as they discuss how to navigate your brand during a downturn
October 7, 2022

AI, Ethics and Big Tech- Dr Timnit Gebru

Timit Gebru will be in conversation with Teanna Barrett to talk about ethics, AI and why she walked away from Big Tech at 16:00 on Tuesday 11th October 2022.
September 20, 2022

Amazon's core four principals

Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession, passion for invention, commitment tooperational excellence, and long-term thinking.
July 26, 2022

AI Bias Has No Place in the Industry

Bias and AI leaders will discuss how we should be thinking about algorithmic bias and how we can use AI for good.
July 26, 2022

I couldn’t have predicted how quickly things would change and how central to everything we do technology and data has become

I joined the agencies 20 years ago in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 attacks having studied science at University. I’d originally planned to have a career in the Financial sector, as it seemed like a natural progression for me from my uni course and I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. However, having started down that path, I quickly realised that I’d be more motivated by doing something more grounded in the public sector and with the opportunity to have a really varied career within one organisation. My research brought me to the organisations and after a 9-month recruitment process, I was offered a place on the generalist stream (sometimes referred to as the “Investigative stream”).
July 26, 2022

Purpose, Belonging & Storytelling-blog

A Q&A with marketing legend Jonathan Mildenhall
July 26, 2022

Tips on how your tech startup can celebrate Black History Month

If your tech startup is looking for practical ways to amplify black voices and pay homage to black history, check out these fantastic BHM campaigns and find inspiration to truly celebrate the month in style.
July 26, 2022

Black Data Matters

Strategies for Fighting Algorithmic Bias
July 26, 2022

Where is Black Representation in Esports and Gaming?

Playing games is serious business. More people watch esports than the NBA and lockdown boredom has fuelled a spike in gaming. Fortnite, the game famous for recreating dance routines by Black artists, is worth $2 billion. Experts predict jobs in the sector will grow threefold by 2025. Despite these advances, Black representation across esports and gaming remains low. 
July 26, 2022

Closing the Funding Gap

Three VCs share their initiatives for addressing diversity in investment
July 26, 2022

Navigating culture in a crisis

Watch chief diversity officers discuss COVID

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