July 26, 2022

Addressing Technology's Impact on Professional Services at Black Tech Fest

Technology impacts every single thing we do these days, so it makes sense that it would also impact all aspects of business. Black Tech Fest, held virtually on Oct. 13-15, will host a 20-min. panel titled 'Technological Innovation: Disrupting Professional Services' to discuss how services are altered when tech is in the picture, and how we can adapt to the all-digital era. Professional leaders Karen Robinson, Vice President of Intellectual Property & Litigation at Adobe; Caroline Omotayo, Associate at Latham & Watkins; and Oluchi Ikechi, Managing Director at Accenture, will speak with moderator Abidemi Ogunbowale, Digital Senior Manager at Accenture, about how technology is transforming their industries and how they leverage tech to scale.

Today, we're excited to introduce our professional services speakers to you. Make sure to register for BTF20 and tune in to the 'Technological Innovation: Disrupting Professional Services' panel on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 4:30 PM.

Karen Robinson is Vice President of Intellectual Property and Litigation at Adobe. In addition, she is the Executive Sponsor of Adobe's Black Employee Network and works to drive diversity and inclusion within legal and across the company. 

Caroline Omotayo is an associate of Latham & Watkins. She is passionate about technology law, business and personal development. She represents emerging, public and private companies on commercial and intellectual property transactions.

Oluchi Ikechi built and now leads Accenture's business restructuring unit in the UK and Ireland for capital markets. She is a vocal advocate for next-generation leadership, diversity and inclusion in business, with a focus on young leaders and those from the BAME community.

Abidemi O-Thomas is an experienced Accenture Digital Senior Manager with a demonstrated history in delivering innovative Digital Transformations and Solutions. Additionally, he's a passionate people advocate focused on cultivating a society that cares and nurtures individuals as humans first.

There's so much more in store at BTF20. Register for free now and tune in.