July 26, 2022

AI Bias Has No Place in the Industry

AI bias has made major news headlines lately, and not for laudable reasons. Black Tech Fest, held virtually on Oct. 13-15, will host a 20-min. panel titled 'Black Data Matters: Algorithmic Bias in Action' to talk about the social justice ramifications of tech gone wrong and what we can do to use AI for good in the future. Speakers Naomi Kellman, Senior Manager for Schools and Universities at Rare Recruitment; Shakir Mohamed, Research Scientist at Deepmind; and Katrina Ffrench, CEO of StopWatch, will speak with moderator Djamila Amimer, CEO & Founder of Mind Senses Global, about how algorithmic bias has real-life implications for minorities. Topics will be discussed through the lens of research, recent algorithmic scandals and the use of face-recognition tech in policing.

Today, we're excited to introduce our bias in AI experts to you. Make sure to register for Black Tech Fest and tune in to the 'Black Data Matters: Algorithmic Bias in Action' panel on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 3:00 PM.

Naomi Kellman is Rare Recruitment's Senior Manager for Schools and Universities, leading Rare's campus recruitment, school work experience programs and university employability schemes.

Shakir Mohamed is a Senior Staff Research Scientist at DeepMind, which he joined in 2013. He works towards the goal of developing intelligent and general-purpose learning systems. Shakir also leads a non-profit organization called Deep Learning Indaba.

Katrina Ffrench is Chief Executive of the charity StopWatch, which campaigns for fair and effective policing. She has a wealth of experience in community development and is a confident communicator who possesses a strong commitment to community empowerment and social justice.

Dr Djamila Amimer is CEO and Founder of Mind Senses Global, a boutique AI consultancy that helps businesses and organizations apply artificial intelligence and unlock their full potential.

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