October 7, 2020

Black Tech Fest 2020 Takes On the African AI Ecosystem

Africa has seen a wealth of cutting-edge tech innovations emerge from the continent in the past few years, yet it doesn't always get the attention it deserves in the industry. Black Tech Fest 2020, held
virtually on Oct. 13-15, celebrates African entrepreneurs and founders who play an important role in tech, and will host a 20-min. panel titled 'AI and Building an Ecosystem for Africa'. Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas at NVIDIA; Ernest Mwebaze, Research Scientist at Google Ghana; and Dr. Ciira Maina, Professor at DeKUT University in Kenya and founder of Data Science Africa, will speak with moderator Mahlet Zimeta, Head of Public Policy at the Open Data Institute, in a lively discussion around AI innovations being driven out of Africa and what a robust AI ecosystem might look like there.

Today, we're excited to introduce our AI experts to you. Make sure to register for BTF20 and tune in to 'AI and Building an Ecosystem for Africa' panel on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 4:00 PM.

Kate Kallot is a technology-driven AI enthusiast who specializes in creating strategic alliances that empower the ecosystem to drive innovation. Kate has a special interest in using tech for good and a strong belief in the power of AI to drive social change.

Ernest Mwebaze is a Research Scientist at Google Ghana where he is working on advancing applied and fundamental research in AI. He is passionate about finding and implementing better, simpler and more cost-effective solutions to address some of the prevailing problems in developing countries.

Dr. Ciira Maina is a lecturer at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) in Nyeri, Kenya, where he also conducts research in bioacoustics, IoT, machine learning, data science and more.

Dr. Mahlet (Milly) Zimeta is Head of Public Policy at the Open Data Institute (ODI). Before joining the ODI in September 2020, she was Senior Policy Advisor at the Royal Society, the independent scientific academy of the UK, where she led the Society's policy program on data and digital disruption.

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