November 4, 2021

My journey into Tech

She believed she could so she DID!

Last year I embarked on a journey to transition from a career in journalism to all things tech!

Driven by a desire to fix some broken software I asked a software engineer what language the software was written in and with no idea about repos or pipelines off I went to start learning Java thinking I could just fix the software myself… oh how naive I was. 

After being laughed almost to scorn by the fact I thought I could just learn to code and fix an issue I was told my attitude towards it was actually quite a good one and they had no doubt I would become a great programmer one day. 

I then decided to go about it a different way and actually found a bootcamp (Udacity’s Intro to Programming course) which happened to be on offer at the time… free for one month… knowing I’m a quick learner but more so because I am a cheapskate, I set myself the task of completing the course within one month and both I and my bank account are glad I was able to achieve this. 

With a qualification under my belt, I then continued to learn which is one of my favourite things about this industry is constant learning. I also realised that my passion was for front end development as opposed to backend development even though I initially started out with Java. 

Finally, I was able to land a job with ITV and I still can’t believe it!

This is my first role in this industry and it's great to be part of a company that valued the hard work that I put in and decided to give me a chance. 

Joining in a pandemic and being unsure of when I was going to meet my teammates in person was quite nerve-racking especially since I am under no illusion about the level of support I need.

Everyone has been really friendly and there has always been someone to help me out when I get stuck. 

I love the fact there is a Women in Tech network and also a Frontend Women in Tech network which I have joined. It’s nice to have a sisterhood I can call on if I run into any issues and that I can speak to about navigating my way through the industry and get advice. 

I am really excited to be part of the amazing things that ITV are doing and to think that the features that I work on are in production and accessed by millions of people. It is an honour!

Jayde Pearson - Junior Front End Engineer at ITV